Where To Go For Help

Adams Recovery Center – Men’s Facility – (Phone) 513-553-7300 and (Website) http://www.adams-recovery-center.org/
Adams Recovery Center – Women’s Facility – (Phone) 513-575-0968 and (Website) http://www.adams-recovery-center.org/
Alcoholics Anonymous – (Phone) 513-351-0422 (Greater Cincinnati Hotline) and (Website) www.aacincinnati.org
Child Focus  –  (Phone) 513-752-1555 and (Website)  www.child-focus.org
Children’s Hospital Eastgate  – (Phone) – 513-636-6000 and (Website)  www.cincinnatichildrens.org
Clermont County Juvenile Court  (Phone) 513-732-7696 and (Website) http://probatejuvenile.clermontcountyohio.gov/
Clermont County Public Health – (Phone) 513-732-7499 and (Website)www.clermonthealthdistrict.org
Clermont Recovery Center  – 513-735-8100 –  1088 Wasserman Way, Batavia, Ohio – Website:www.recoveryctr.org
Narcotics Anonymous – 513-820-2947 (Greater Cincinnati Hotline) and (Website) www.naohio.org andhttp://www.nacincinnati.com 
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)  www.nida.nih.gov
Northland Outpatient Rehab  (Phone) 513-753-9964 and (Website)www.northlandaddictiontreatmentrehabcenter.com
Reformer Unanimous Addiction Program  (Phone) 513-256-3129 and (Website) www.rumilford.org
The Ridge – (Phone) 1-855-302-7660 and (Website) http://www.theridgeohio.com/
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)  www.samhsa.gov
Talbert House – (Phone) 513-281-2273 and (Website) www.talberthouse.org
Teen Challenge – (Phone) 513-248-0452 and (Website) http://www.teenchallengecincinnati.org/index.html
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