Nothing Good Comes From Drugs!

Drugs: The Equal Opportunity Destroyer


Hand In Hand

Hand in Hand Lets Take A Stand to Be the BEST we Can be- DRUG FREE!

Stay Drug Free!

Be too SMART to START!!

Drug Take Back Day

The next DEA Drug Take Back Day is Saturday, September 29th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Youth Task Force Project In Action

The Youth Task Force at Milford High School selected 20 community leaders to be part of the Silhouette Project. The goal is to reach all ages, from youth to adults, with positive messages that will promote healthy successful lives not burdened with the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Community leaders posed for a life-size cardboard cutout that will include a positive life or anti-drug message. The Youth Task Force put a spin on the usual “Silhouette Project” and included the actual picture on each cutout so it’s recognizable in the community. We plan to unveil the project in the fall.

New Additions to our Gallery

We have added some new media to our Gallery Tab above, go check it out to see some of the cool things our youth have accomplished!

Safeguards on Painkillers

“A new bill just introduced in Congress would require painkiller makers to provide safeguards against mis-using prescription painkillers. What does your community do to share information on the dangers of mis-using and abusing prescription medications?”

National Night Out

National Night Out

Experts: Heroin Kills More Youth Than Car Crashes and Suicide

Follow this link to an article regarding increased use of heroin among our youth.

Youth Summit

03 One Friend

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